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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Adjust To Wellness Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and email me or contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome to Dr. Jessica is very knowledgeable and gentle. She explains what she’s doing before she does it and what it is affecting. I can share my feelings and concerns without hesitation. Valerie is kind and understanding. They are a wonderful healing team!

~Sasha B.

Dr. Jessica is very warm, friendly, approachable and professional. She really takes the time to conduct a thorough assessment, and she reviews it and leaves you feeling that she has your best interests in mind. I look forward to working with her as we progress through my treatment plan.

~ Dan

Welcome to Well, I first want to say her smile and bright eyes are always there to welcome you. Jessica is so positive, and you know she is confident with her work. She is so different from any other chiropractor I have been to over the years. I have gone for about two months and can’t believe the difference. I sleep better, I have more energy. Even my stress level is improved because if you feel better then you do more. I suffered from sciatica for about a year that has gone. My neck was a mess that has improved. So if I have any other pains or aches I am sure she will improve them also. I had several operations and she has treated me in a way that is gentle but effective. So don’t wait but go talk to Jessica and tell her your concerns and she will be able to help.

~Freda S.

I am very much looking forward to feeling better and I believe I am in the right place to make this happen.

~ Robert

Welcome to Not only was Dr. Jessica Pelletier knowledgeable, she was extremely friendly. The office feels more like a spa than a medical clinic, very calming and well laid out. In just our first visit, she was able to tell a lot about me, even how I sleep, just by doing a thermal scan. I really enjoyed meeting her and am looking forward to feeling normal again.

~Elizabeth C.

After meeting Dr. Jessica Pelletier I am no longer skeptical of what chiropractic can do for you. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Jessica since March 2012. When I first met Dr. Jessica I had been told by several professionals that I would never get any better and that I had reach maximum recovery. This was it, there was nothing more they could do for me. After being treated by Dr. Jessica for six weeks I have seen significant improvement, I no longer require narcotic pain medication. I actually sleep at night and I haven’t been able to do that for almost five years. If you are suffering from chronic pain please do yourself a big favor and try chiropractic.

~ Betty

Welcome to After many years in the military my neck, back and shoulder was in constant pain. I did not believe that pain could be fixed. My shoulder and neck always felt like it was out of place. I was curious about chiropractors. Upon release of the military I started chiropractic sessions. Now instead of daily pain I can’t remember the last time I had pain in my back! My daily work hasn’t changed and I am still doing heavy lifting. I recommend this to everyone! It’s worth every penny!

~ Derek

I have always been afraid by chiropractors. When I met Dr. Jessica she took time to explain to me all of what she was doing and how. She offered me alternatives to start slowly with adjustments and made me feel comfortable to give it a try. Finally I’m confident now in chiropractic and love the way Dr. Jessica is working one step at a time.

~ Alexia

Welcome toI have been dealing with nerve damage for almost two years now. I tried everything except chiropractic. I was skeptical and then I met Dr. Jessica Pelletier and she said to give her a try. Well I’m so glad I did! Only after a few weeks I was able to cut my drugs in half and want to eliminate them all together. The chiropractic sessions have made me feel better in general and I look forward to them. Thanks Dr. Jessica!

~ Alice

I arrived at the clinic with various symptoms. I had difficulties with balance, numbness, headaches, back pain etc. I suffered for months. After seeing several physicians and weeks of physiotherapy, a chiropractor was my “last resort”. I now wish it had been my first because after a few visits with Dr. Jessica Pelletier, I started feeling better. I sleep better, my headaches have disappeared and my balance is getting so much better. I’ve started working out again. I finally have so much hope and I’m getting my life back again. I’m so happy. Thank you so much Jessica!

~ Lisa

Welcome to I could barely move without feeling pain. After a lifetime of back problems, even as a child, I felt I’d never move without some pain. After six months with Dr. Jessica I can finally move with much more range of motion and have little to no pain. My headaches are pretty much gone and I take so many less pills. I’m very grateful to Dr. Jessica and the staff for their awesome support.

~ Tina

I had chronic lower back pain since 1996 and recurrent neck pain for a long time. I was in the pain management clinic at the QE2 and got powerful drugs. After a few months with Dr. Jessica I am able to stop the medication. Most of the time I have no back pain. Also, I no longer have restless legs and paroxysmal benign vertigo. I am so happy I came to Dr. Jessica. Thanks so much!

~ Christine

Welcome to In April this year I had a very stiff neck for about a month and couldn’t turn it to the right past my shoulder. Dr. Jessica did an adjustment on me and did another one the next morning. Within that week I was able to turn my head all the way back past my shoulder. She also did adjustments on my two children and they slept well that night. Dr. Jessica is amazing at what she does!

~ Alissa

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