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Meet The Team at
Adjust To Wellness Family Chiropractic

Dr Jessica photo

Dr. Jessica Pelletier, Chiropractor

Dr. Jessica Pelletier is a family wellness chiropractor with over 10 years of experience helping her patients. Dr. Jessica became a chiropractor because she was motivated to find the key of health, and is passionate about educating her patients about how to live a pain free life and stay healthy for long term. As a wellness chiropractor she has two goals for her patients. The first is to find and correct the cause of the pain, and the second one is health optimization and vitality.

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Dr. Sarah Broders

Dr. Sarah Broders, Chiropractor

Dr. Sarah has a passion for helping people and leading an active, healthy lifestyle. She wanted to become a chiropractor from a young age after seeing the positive impact it had on her family. She believes in providing evidence-based, individualized care to help her patients move pain-free and reach their goals. She is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle to support both physical and mental health.

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Valerie, Chiropractic Assistant

Valerie joined the Adjust To Wellness Family Chiropractic team in 2015 as a chiropractic assistant. As an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and aspiration to be preventative in her own health care has made her a natural fit in the clinic. She finds the health benefits of regular adjustments to be amazing. They help her balance the everyday stresses in life and award her the momentum required to keep up with family activities and young energetic grandchildren.

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