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Welcome to Fall River Chiropractor :: Dr. Jessica

A Health Leader in Fall River, Bedford and Sackville

Dr. Jessica Pelletier

Dr. Jessica Pelletier is a family chiropractor from Québec. She became a chiropractor because she was motivated to find the key of health. What does it takes to be healthy and stay healthy? It is quite simple when you think about it “you have to have a balanced lifestyle: think well, move well, eat well as well as getting regular chiropractic adjustments.”

Following her undergraduate science background, Dr. Jessica studied chiropractic at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, the outstanding chiropractic university in Québec for a five year program. During her studies, Dr. Jessica moved to Halifax for one summer to learn English in order to become a bilingual chiropractor. That summer changed her life because she fell in love with the city, the people and the beautiful maritime beaches!

Enjoying the Community and Living Well Each Day

She now lives in the beautiful Fall River community with her husband Marc. Together they enjoy going for walks and runs in the neighborhood, exercise at the gym, cooking healthy meals and living a healthy, well life.

Dr. Jessica graduated in 2011 and she became an associate at a chiropractic clinic in Lower Sackville for three years where she had a successful and busy practice filled with babies, kids, pregnant moms and adults.

Dr. Jessica followed her heart to become a health leader in her beloved community of Fall River, which led her to the recent opening of Adjust to Wellness Family Chiropractic.

Are you ready to experience what true health really feels like? We’re here to help you and your family adjust to wellness! Call today to take the first step!